Debra J. Dolch Fiduciary Services provides a wide array of financial management services. While Debra utilizes the assistance of her experienced staff in carrying out agreed financial management services, she retains final decision making in all matters since all appointments are in the sole name of Debra J. Dolch. Debra is a recognized leader in the field of financial management, and you can be assured your financial affairs will be managed with professional care.

Administrator or Special Administrator

In certain circumstances Debra can act as Administrator or Special Administrator when appointed by the Court. Debra will inventory and protect assets, pay all valid debts and taxes due, sell real property and other assets if necessary, make distributions to beneficiaries, and file accountings with the Court as required by law. Debra can also act to resolve issues between or among parties with different perspectives.

Conservator of the Estate

The Court can appoint Debra to manage the assets of a person who is unable to manage her or his own finances. Debra approaches each client with an appreciation of his or her current level of ability to manage their financial affairs. Debra is usually appointed by the Court to take over the complete financial management of a person’s financial affairs. However, sometimes the Court will allow certain financial aspects to be retained by the individual, such as having a bank account with limited funds or having a small allowance.


When named as the Executor in a Will, Debra is tasked with following the terms of the Will. She acts in the same way as an Administrator (see above) except she is directed by the Will. However, Court appointment and supervision are still required.

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Power of Attorney

Debra can be named under a Power of Attorney to look after someone’s financial affairs. Debra will stand in the place of the person, making decisions on behalf of that person, dealing with all or certain specified aspects of her or his finances, whether banking, investments, bill paying, or any other financial matter as specified by the terms of the Power of Attorney.


Debra can carry out the terms of a Trust, whether the Trust is made in a trust document created during the life of the trustor or in a trust document created at death by a Will. Debra’s responsibilities in this capacity include identifying and protecting the trustee’s assets, paying all valid debts and taxes due, selling real property and other assets if necessary or required by the terms of the Trust, making specific distributions including income and capital payments as determined by the terms of the Trust, and making final distributions when the Trust comes to an end.

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Trustee of a Special Needs Trust

Debra can carry out the terms of a Special Needs Trust within the specific legislation covering these trusts. Debra is knowledgeable about the limits placed on payments from these Trusts in order to preserve available public benefits such as Social Security Disability benefits and Medi-Cal entitlement. Debra will work within the rules and regulations that govern Special Needs Trusts to ensure that your loved one has their maximum possible quality of life.

Financial Management FAQs

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Could you tell me more about financial management services?

Financial management is the assistance and oversight of the finances of persons who may need help managing their financial affairs. The person providing this help is known as a fiduciary and can be personal (family, friends, etc.) or professional (licensed). However, all fiduciaries are held to the same high fiduciary standard as defined in law. Debra is a professional fiduciary and her financial services may involve one or more of the following fiduciary roles which are highlighted in our Solutions section:

  • Administrator or Special Administrator of a Decedent’s Estate
  • Executor of a Decedent’s Estate under the Decedent’s Will
  • Conservator of the Person or the Estate
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care or Finances
  • Trustee of a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust or a Testamentary Trust

Trustee of a Special Needs Trust.

Do you only serve the elderly?

No. We provide financial services to the elderly, people with developmental disabilities, and to people with mental health challenges. We are happy to provide services to anyone who would like help in managing the financial affairs of their estate.

If I engage you to provide financial management, how often will you provide reports?

Each person’s financial situation is unique. We will work with you to set up a plan that protects your finances and your estate. We will provide adequate oversight of your estate and we will provide you with timely reports to ensure that your financial affairs are being managed according to your financial plan.

Do you coordinate with my financial team?

With your permission, we work very closely with your existing financial advisors to provide a seamless financial plan. A good financial plan will involve input from all members of your financial team: lawyers, bankers, brokers, accountants, etc.

How much does financial management cost? For which services do you charge?

Financial management is billed at an hourly rate. We charge for all services, including telephone coordination, set up of resources, home visits and travel time. We forward an itemized bill quarterly.

Why should I use your services instead of a lawyer?

Financial management is billed at an hourly rate. We charge for all services, including telephone coordination, set up of resources, home visits and travel time. We forward an itemized bill quarterly.

I know my parent needs help, but how do I get them to accept it?

It is not easy for most people to accept that they need financial help. We have years of experience working with individuals who initially resist offers of assistance, only to find that their financial affairs are improved when the right services are in place. We will find interventions that are appropriate for your loved one, using effective techniques to overcome the resistance to and fear of change that is so common when facing aging challenges. That being said, if someone is competent to make their own decisions and adamantly refuses our services, we cannot force our way into their life.

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